Five Steps For A Successful Kitchen Renovation

Home News & Trends Renovation Your Dream Kitchen Ready to bring your dream kitchen to life? Let us guide you through the process, from initial planning and setting a budget right through to design and installation.There’s no doubt about it – remodelling your kitchen can transform how you experience everyday life. That being said, it […]

What Do We Mean By “Melamine”?

Home News & Trends Melamine Add Decorated board. Coloured board. LPM. Melamine. Here’s our quick guide to an essential building product for designers and apprentices. It’s curious that our industry uses so many different terms to describe a product that’s truly fundamental to contemporary interior design. But no matter what you call it – “decorated […]

Wabi-Sabi – The Aesthetics of Liberation

Home News & Trends Wabi Sabi WABI SABI After “Hygge” and “Coorie”, a new style of furnishing – this time borrowed from Japanese tradition – is currently conquering the home: Wabi-Sabi. Wabi-Sabi has its origins in Zen Buddhism and deals with the aesthetics of simplicity and imperfection. It is all about recognising the beauty of […]

5 Points That Make Greenlam an Environment Conscious Laminate Supplier

Home News & Trends Greenlam Leading laminate suppliers offer premium quality products and the best laminate sheet prices. Few, however, talk about the environmental impact of all that goes into manufacturing the product they bring to the table. At Greenlam Laminates, we believe in beauty with sustainability, and therefore, follow environment-friendly manufacturing processes that ensures […]