This is an infinite space, limited only by ourselves.

So if we liberate our minds, we’d unravel a whole new universe to explore. No rules, no norms, no boundaries. Be free to conceive, fantasise and create-anything you wish.

Ignite your power of imagination with our exciting range of quality laminates.

Unleash immeasurable design possibilities. See things with an open mind.


That’s what we call LAMAGINE.

The most exciting space in the world is in our head .

Among the world’s top three producer of laminates, Greenlam Laminates brings a legacy of exceptional artistry, unsurpassed quality and unyielding passion for excellence to the table.
With a production capacity of 15.62 million sheets every year, we have always ensured that superior quality products are available to you. Innovative technology and creative solution have been our guiding principles from day one.

The Wonders of Greenlam Laminates

Versatile Design

Here at Greenlam we are committed to designing innovative decorative finishes that enhance spaces in which they are found. Whether striking high gloss, bright solid colours, metals or realistic woods, each decor is designed in-house to be the very best and to deliver impeccable performance throughout use.

Superior Quality

Greenlam Laminates are made in three-state-of-the-art factories where each and every Greenlam product is designed to perform faultlessly in residential, commercial and public spaces. As part of this faultless performance, Greenlam products feature a range of additional benefits to enhance the hygiene, durability and maintenance properties of laminate.

Anti Bacterial

Greenlam is the only brand in Asia to provide a complete range of antibacterial laminates. Every single one of our laminates has been treated with high-efficacy anti-microbial agents that can curb the growth of nearly 99% of common bacterial.

Fire Retardant

Our laminates hold the highest standard of fire resistance. Not only is it Class 0 rated, our laminates holds the best certification of Bs1d0, which proves that the smoke production is at the minimal and there are 0 flaming droplets in case of fire. Last but not least, our laminates not only withstand the fire, it even help to extinguish the fire when comes in direct contact with the thermal attack.

Green Certification

Apart from Greenlabel Singapore and Greenguard Standard, Greenlam holds the Greenguard Gold certification as well. This means that our laminates have minimal emission of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Components), and are suitable for use in environments with stricter guidelines, such as places where children spend significant periods of time, or hospitals and clinics.

NSF Certification

We are the only brand in Asia to hold an NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certification. All our products are certified as food-grade, meaning they can be used in direct contact with food.

As we are a building materials supplier, we do not sell our products directly to the public. However you can select from a network of distributors, dealers and fabricators. Use the filters below to find a professional to help bring your project to life.

We're committed to the environment.