To provide solutions that create sustainable living spaces
where everyone can enjoy the interaction with colour and texture.


We are excited to work with leading international brands such as PERGO, LOTTE, GREENLAM, PANEL PLUS and many more good quality products as our line of product offerings.


We believe in providing ready inventory for our customers to achieve JIT ( Just-in time) delivery. Through this ready inventory service, our clients are able to reduce their inventory cost and achieve a more efficient supply chain.

Value Added

For Stone products, our in-house fabrication team is ever ready to provide, supply, and install with good quality controls. For chipboard and MDF, we are able to provide a large selection of décor foils, all laminated using our in-house decor foil lamination facility.

Project References

As we are a building materials supplier, we do not sell our products directly to the public. However you can select from a network of distributors, dealers and fabricators. Use the filters below to find a professional to help bring your project to life.

We're committed to the environment.