It is our vision to provide solutions that create sustainable living spaces with environmentally friendly building materials.

Driven by absolute determination to impact change, our goal is to provide solutions that is inspiring, circular by design aesthetics and ergonomics, and made to last.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to be continually innovative in our industry through quality environmentally sensitive products, the skills of our team and focus on doing business with passion and integrity.

Our Journey

Established in 1998, Havana Konzept as one of Malaysia’s leading suppliers today, has never stopped innovating…

Our Production

We make circumspect decisions in every aspect of our production: from the materials we use to how our paper are laminated and packaged. In each step we consider how we can minimise the environmental impact of our materials and extend its lifetime.

Our People

Our responsibility to provide a healthy and safe working environment extends beyond our own employees to the workers in the entire supply chain. more than just preventing injuries or the spread of disease, it is about making employee well-being a priority.

Our Commitments

To realise our sustainability goals, these commitments outline how we strive to minimise the environmental impact and the effort along this journey…