Havana Chipboard is a uniquely designed wood panel manufactured with the state-of-the-art technology, and is commonly used as a core material for home and office furniture, wall panels, worktops as well as hifi-speaker boxes.

Havana Chipboard comes in both moisture resistant (MUF V313 grade) and non-moisture resistant (UF grade) specifications. Included is our latest development, the E0 low formaldehyde emission grade chipboard which is in compliance to the JIS A 1460 standard. Manufactured under standard dimensions of 1220mm x 1830mm (4’x 6’), 1220mm x 2440mm (4’ x 8’), and 1830mm x 2440mm (6’ x 8’). The standard thickness is available in 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 25mm, 30mm and 35mm.

Technical Specification
Thickness availableSizes available
9mm/12mm/15mm/16mm/18mm/26mm/30mm/35mm1220mm x 2440mm / 1830mm x 2440mm
PropertiesTest MethodUnitRange of Thickness (mm)
Thickness ToleranceEN 324-1mm± 0.3mm
Length &Width TolearnceEN 324-1mm5.0mm
SquarenessTolerenceEN 324-2mm2.00mm. Per 1,000mm
DensityEN 323kg/m3660-710640-660630-650620-640600-630
Bending Strength (MOR)EN 310Min(N/mm2)
Modulus of Elasticity (MOE)EN 310N/mm218001600150013501200
Internal Bond (IB)EN 319N/mm20.400.350.300.250.20
Internal Bond (IB) – After Cyclic TestEN 321,319Min(N/mm2)Na.
Internal Bond (IB) – After Boil TestEN 1087-1Min(N/mm2)Na.
Surface SoundnessEN 311Min(N/mm2)0.8
Thickness Swell (24hr)(Max) %
Thickness Swell –  After Cyclic TestEN 321,317(Max) %Na.
Formaldehyde Content
Class 1 (mg/100g)Emission≤8BSEN120
Class 2 (mg/100g)8 < Emission ≤30
Formaldehyde ContentMinMaximum
F****SEO0.4mg/l or underJIS5908
F***E00.7mg/l or under
F**E12.1mg/l or under
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