PERGO Laminates

Do you dream of a soft-wood floor but worry about the durability?

Our new generation of laminate floors are an invitation to your senses. The authentic, true-to-nature look makes it impossible to tell a Sensation laminate from the real thing. A new matt finish adds to the wood-like feeling, and enhances the natural look.

Laminate flooring offers unsurpassed durability and resistance to wear – but the ability to resist water has traditionally been a soft spot for laminate floors. With the introduction of Aquasafe technology Pergo sets a new standard for water resistance in laminate flooring. AquaSafe creates a sealed surface – all the way down into the bevels – efficiently preventing water from penetrating the floor.

PERGO Laminates

Pergo Sensation

Water-Resistant Laminate Flooring

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Exceptional Durability

Thanks to the patented TitanXTM surface protection, a Pergo laminate floor will keep its elegant finish year in and year out.

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Warranty Pergo Laminate Flooring

Best on the Market

Pergo laminate flooring is made to last. The robust and innovative construction provides durability you’ll be glad you chose whenever the challenges of daily living suddenly arise. This extreme durability is the reason why we boldly guarantee our floors against wear, stains and fading caused by sunlight for up to 25 years – the best warranty on the market.

Perfectfold™ 3.0 – Fast and Easy Installation

Pergo’s patented PerfectFold™ 3.0 installation system makes installation faster and easier because you simply fold the floor into place. The system is designed to ensure a solid locking in commercial applications, offers three ways of installation for maximum flexibility and is available with Pergo laminate floors at all quality levels.

  • Drop down

    The ideal method for quickly installing a large area. Click the plank at the long side joint, slide it until it meets the end of the previously installed plank, and press down.

  • Angle

    If you prefer, Pergo offers a second option for installing your new laminate floor. Simply angle and click the planks together at the short end.

  • Insert horizontally – unique feature!

    Pergo laminate floors can also be inserted horizontally, a unique feature compared to many other brands. This is very convenient in places where it is difficult or impossible to tilt the planks, such as when installing the last row of planks, or under door frames, radiators, etc.

Deep, True-To-Nature Textures

In addition, the authentic, true-to-nature surface is made possible by an innovative technique (‘embossed in register’) that can reproduce deep grooves of wood to perfection. The natural look is enhanced by a brand new matt finish, that adds the “woodlike” feeling.

When it comes to commercial flooring, there are many things to consider. The decor plays a major part in deciding the look, but format and technical characteristics are equally important. Pergo commercial grade laminate floors are available in many different collections that form a comprehensive toolbox to choose from. Click on the collection name to find out more.

At Pergo, we care as much for the environment we help create in your home as the one we share outside. When you choose one of our floors, you should be able to feel safe in the knowledge that it has been produced using a minimum of resources. And we are proud to say: You can.

Durability for the Long Run