Melamine Faced MDF

Melamine Faced MDF is designed for a wide range of interior furnishing and joinery applications. Melamine Faced MDF’s hard wearing melamine surface makes it particularly suitable for all types of commercial and domestic furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and shop fitting projects.

By blending the style of an international range of decorative surfaces with the versatility and workability of MDF, Melamine Faced MDF creates a winning combination for all designers, furniture manufacturers and joiners.

Melamine Faced MDF is being used widely in furniture making industry, especially in manufacturing office furniture, kitchen set, home furniture such as home entertainment set, TV rack, and in making color boxes. Or Application: Furniture making, office furniture, kitchen furniture, color boxes, home furniture such as TV rack, CD rack, cabinet, shelving. Also suitable as panels for membrane pressing (with one side laminated MDF allowing the non laminated side for router work).

We have available in a wide range of white, solid, woodgrain and fancy colors either on single sided, double sided or a combination of designs.

Melamine Faced MDF
Technical Specification
Mechanical Properties Test Method Unit Average Values
Paper Weight GSM 70-110
Flammability DIN 51960 K1
Porosity Graphite 0
Abrasion Waterihrough (FP) EN 438-2,CS17 R Wooclgrain > 100 revolution
Solid Col. > 450 revolution
Impact Resistance ASTMD1037 Pass 650mm drop
Scratch Resistance EN 438-2,14 N 2.5
Cigratte Burn EN 438-2,18 No Change
Steam EN 438-2,24 No Change
Stain / Ethanol DM 68861B 1
HANA MFC’s colour designs is also available for HANA Melamine Faced MDF