Artiq Quartz is the preferred quartz stone brand among kitchen specialist and interior designers due to it’s high quality, latest stone designs and highly affordable. Artiq Quartz is frequently used for kitchen worktops, back splash, bathroom vanities, wall panelling and flooring.

Natural Beauty

Artiq Quartz, stone precisely engineered.

Artificial stone mimicking natural beauty.

Artiq Quartz is a surfacing products that are precisely engineered to mimic nature’s beauty and improve its strength. Contains up to 90% natural quartz. Which is resistant to abrasion, scratches, chipping off, breaking, high temperatures, etc.
It is the preferred quartz stone material for home decoration and project such as large-scale engineering, kitchen, bathroom and home decoration. It enjoys high popularity and reputation in the industry.

The Wonders of Artiq Quartz

High scratch resistance

Ease of maintenance & no polishing

Non-porous and stain resistance surface

10 years product warranty

Tough & durable

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